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The Best Electronic Signature Software of 2017 Reviewed

There is nothing worse than having to print out documents in order to sign them and then have to scan them back in to send them on. This takes time and wastes paper which is something that people and businesses are looking to avoid more and more. To solve this issue, software companies have developed electronic signature software which can be used. If you are considering using any of these pieces of software, you will need to know what they can do and which companies offer the best ones.

What Is Electronic Signature Software?

As the name would suggest, electronic signature software will create an digital signature on a document. This negates the need to print the document, sign it and scan it before sending it to the intended party. An electronic signature will show your agreement to the terms and conditions of the contract you are signing whether this is a form or an digital contract. This means that electronic signatures are the same as handwritten signatures and stamped seals.

In business, electronic signatures are used for e-commerce and regulatory filing because of their security. There are many countries that give the same legal importance to digital signatures as they do to handwritten signatures. This is one of the reasons why you need to know about the different providers of electronic signature software. Forget doing it the old slow way like this:

How To Choose The Best Electronic Signature Software

When you are looking at the different digital signature software packages on the market, you need to know what to look for. The software should not only be able to provide you with an electronic signature, it should also have a method of securing your signature. The software should also integrate with other apps and software to make it easy to use and versatile.

Many of the top software packages will have the same features and offer similar functionality. This is why you should get a free trial of the software before you decide on one to use. Most software packages will give a free trial or a basic free version that you can use for a limited time. This allows you to test the software and see if you like the user functionality and interface.

When you are testing the software, you need to see how it will work with the apps and software that you will be using it with of you purchase the product. This means that if you are going to use the software with an e-commerce system, you should test it with the same system. This ensures that the software package you choose works for you.

The software that you choose should also target your business needs. Every business will have different needs in terms of the electronic signature software. This is due to the fact that each business will use it in a different manner. A small business may want to reduce the amount of time that is spent signing paperwork and streamline their systems.

A medium sized business may be looking to increase their electronic reputation. SSL certificated signing software packages would be best for these businesses because they are secure and make the business appear more credible. This is something that a small business may not have to worry about.

A large company may be looking at electronic signatures to overcome their archiving problems. If you have a large company that is moving from paper-based archives to digital ones, you need to have a way of signing documents that is easy to link to the new archival system. Smaller business will not have much problem with this because the amount of documentation they have will be much less.

The Types of Electronic Signature Software

There are 3 basic types of electronic signature software available in 2017 and you need to determine which would suit your needs the best. The first is on-premise programs which have a single license and are hosted on a local server. These are the most expensive because they have a complex setup and will sometimes need hardware installed.

SaaS or Software as a Service programs are generally paid per month and will be hosted on the vendor’s server. There will be no responsibility for installation at the user’s end. The maintenance and updating will also be done by the vendor without any input from the user.

Open source software packages are the last type available and will be free basic programs. These are also the most affordable option because they are universally accessible. They will also not require any input from the user when it comes to updates or maintenance.

The Best Software Providers to Consider for 2017

There are a large number of electronic signature software providers on the market, but you need to know which is best.

eSign Live

The first provider to consider is eSignLive which is a solution by VACO. This system is available on-premise or in the cloud and enables secure access, verification of transactions and identity management. It is an affordable system which is available for all computer operating systems and any business size.

Legal eSign

Legalesign is another affordable solution for businesses of any size. This software is completely cloud-based and designed to work on contracts and online documents. The creators state that it is suitable for certain professions such as accountants, marketers, insurers and recruiters. As this is a cloud-based system it is also compatible with all operating systems.

Sky Signature

SkySignature is another cloud-based solution which has focused on the needs of small businesses. The key feature of this software is the digital signature tool, but it also includes a function for converting most file formats into PDF. This is one of the most affordable systems and is compatible with all operating systems.

There are many electronic signature software programs on the market, but it is important that you know what they offer and what you should be looking for. You need to find a software package that works for your business and offers the features that you need for the price that you can afford.

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